Jan 092012

Herbal Detox for horsesEquine Herbal Ovarian Formula

Contains: A formula that regulates the mare that comes into season too much, or perhaps not at all. Also, calms the typical ovary mare that can be agressive and untrainable. For use in ovarian cysts, retained corpus lutetium and irregular cycle.

Size: 1 kg Bag


Region: Ireland

Price: €75.00 + €12 Post & Packing


Region: UK

Price: €75.00 + €2o Post & Packing


Jan 092012

Equine Herbal FormulaEquine Herbal Detox

A specially formulated herbal mix that is essential for horses.

The Equine Herbal Detox contains a blend of different herbs that will remove all toxins from the body, improve circulation and ease pain, especially in the feet.

Toxins do build up in the lower extremities of horses and cause pain and inflammation within the hoof structures.

This formula can be given twice yearly to all horses and especially the laminitic horse.

Size: 500 gram bag

Price: €50.00 + €10.00 Post & Packing

Region: Ireland & UK – for sales to areas outside of these please call or email.